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Designer At Work



Dedrick has the tools for success!! I highly recommend him to help you unlock the passion inside of you to get paid to do what you were created to do!!! He has a track record of success in his own personal life that inspired me to do more in my business!!!

Designer At Work

Case Study of our Coaching Services

Sean H

Would you give me a quick overview of your business?
My business is Sean Electric Communication Systems LLC, we do data work such as cable, internet, and
phone lines, we also do cell phone repair and sale used cell phones, game console repair and
Can you describe your role?
Owner and only emplyee, so I take care all of the day to day.
How long has your company been in business?
Since June of last year
Who is your target customer?
People who buy electronics
How does our coaching help your company achieve its objective?
By giving us insight in business, to help improve on things that we may know about but also
help us with things we may not no or understand
what were the major pain points of your process prior to joining into our program?
Understanding how to run a business and how to market my business
Were there any concerns about how your business would be impacted from using our coaching
No, I believe everyone has something to add about business
How has your perception of the coaching changed since you’ve joined our program?
I came in the program with a open mind
How long had you been looking for assistance in this area of business prior to joining our
coaching program?
For years now
If you had to put a value to the information and knowledge gained during coaching what would
it be?
I really can’t add a price, cause this is so much valuable information
Have you made any measurable progress in your business since joining our coaching program?

Yes I focus more on marketing, cause I wasn’t consistence with my marketing

Designer At Work

Case Study of Coaching Experience from a client

Jalen O.

I’m a real estate professional who specializes in assisting clients with purchasing their dream home and or investment property.

My role is administrator, assistant, counselor, you name it! I’m basically a one woman show right now. My duties are to educate clients about current market trends, schedule property tours based on their criteria, execute contracts and assists with closing the deal.

Right now I’m coming up on my one year anniversary as a realtor.

I don’t have a target client, I’ll work with anyone willing. But my preference are those who are apart of the middle class/working family. As mortgage rates and housing continue to rise it becomes difficult for us to obtain assets such as a home that we’re able to pass down to our children. & that’s what drives my passion for helping these families because not only are we similar, but we deserve the same opportunities for generational wealth as others.

These coaching sessions prepare me mentally. It gives me confidence to know that I can achieve these plans by intentionally being the best meI can be.

The areas I struggled in were doubt and comparison. I’m a huge over thinker which causes distractions and the end result is doubt because of fear of the unknown. Especially when I first started real estate, I compared my journey to fellow agents and which cause the same result.

I didn’t have any concerns about the program. I was eager to see how this would help me personally and with my business.

I’ve always had a positive perception. Given the instructor we had, I knew the coaching was going to be impactful. He often gave his thoughts on each chapter after opening the floor to hear ours. I felt it became a judge free zone and we were able to talk open and honestly. Versus most self improvement classes they are like telling you what you need to do. In this one we kind of had to figure it out and I liked that.

I haven’t been looking for assistance in this area at all really. It wasn’t something I felt like I needed personally ya know. I knew I needed to find myself for the sake of my real estate business but I thought personally I was fine. Turns out I was just growing accidentally as the book said. No intention nor direction. & these classes are starting to become the anchor for my business.

If I were running this course, I would charge 75$+. You’re giving away a full book plus lessons to look back on plus time on zoom with a live in person instructor. It’s all about investing in yourself, the knowledge gained is priceless and you could turn around and help someone else.

I have honestly made progress. Like I said I’ve anchored my business values around certain lessons. I’ve built healthy habits. I’m confident in the service I offer. & I’m eager to continue to grow, its really been interesting learning/teaching myself through situations and past lessons.

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