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Since you are here, did you know???

Most Entrepreneurs have experienced at least one if not all of the following:

-Application: Lack of information on how to start a business

-Knowledge: Lack of information pertaining to running a business

-Time: Lack of time to research and find out strategies that need to be successful in business

-Motivation: Lack of drive to start, work through the process and finish strong

-Accountability: Lack of help there was no one to consult for advice

I share this with you because this was once me!!!

  I started my first business in 2001 at the age of 21, the business last for about 2 years but fail due to not having anyone there that could help guide me, family affairs and lack of sales. But because I did not give up, I'm now an Entrepreneurship Coach, with over 20 years' experience in business ownership. I'm also the Founder of Kingdom Minded Ministry, CEO/Chairman for KLAP Inc. a nonprofit organization geared towards offering a trade to ex-offenders. I'm also the President of Torry Low Voltage Communication Inc and an alumnus of MCUTs/Lancaster Bible College where he attained a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and Ministries. I am a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. I am dedicated to continually advancing in my training with Coach Myron Golden Ph.D in sales and business. I am married to Janell Torry, we have 4 kids, our family as a whole find comfort in helping others. 
I feel strongly that my affiliation with the Maxwell Leadership Team and Myron Golden will help open the doors for more opportunities to do just what I love to do the most and that is equip others to be all that they are called to be and more.

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